Is Abuse Of Anabolic Steroids A Commonality?

There is not a true, exact statistic available, with regard to steroid abuse by athletes–overall.  Further, there are very few persons who get caught in the act of taking steroids; however, there are many who believe that the drug is taken, quite often, in secret.  In example, a football player, as well as other athletes, could take anabolic steroids, during their respective off-seasons.  In doing so, they each could go undetected.  During the baseball season, there was testing, on a wide-spread basis.  This occurred, initially, in 2003.  When the testing was performed, approximately five percent of the athletes, were found positive, with regard to the usage of steroids.

Again, the percentage of persons, truly, abusing anabolic steroids could be greater.  Some of the athletes, abusing steroids, may be fooling officials, by using versions of the drug which are non-detectable.  The United States Anti-Doping Agency, in 2003—October, made it known that a laboratory, located in Burlingame, CA, had created an undetectable version of THG.  The full scientific name of the drug is Tetrahydrogestrinone.  Once the testing for steroid use was properly adjusted, inclusive of testing for THG, the samples of a number of field and track athletes, turned up positive results for the formerly non-detectable steroid.  Designer drugs, created, in order to come up non-detectable, on drug tests include:  Madol.  The scientific name of Madol is:   Desoxymethyltestosterone; and Genabol with the scientific name of Norbolethone.

Steroid doping allegations have increased, too.  Allegations and then the admission of using drugs have caused certain athletes, such as Olympian Marion Jones, to be deprived of medals.  There are many well-known Baseball players that have been implicated, too.  In example, in 2007, Jason Giambi stated that he used steroids during earlier times.  That said, Mr. Giambi, did, respectfully, apologize to his endearing fans.  (It is admirable that Mr. Giambi owned up to the allegation.)  During 2007, too, the famous Barry Bonds, was indicted on the charge of perjury and a charge of obstruction of justice.  Mr. Bonds, allegedly, lied to a grand jury, with respect to his use of steroids.

It is a given, that anabolic steroid abuse goes well outside of the reaches of refined professional sports.  There are, approximately, three million individuals, within the United States, using anabolic steroids.  This statistic is supplied by the Mayo Clinic.  The belief exists, too, that there are hundreds of thousands of adult individuals taking steroids, once, yearly.  The preceding information is provided by the NIDA.  There is some good news, though:  There is some evidence that the percent of High School seniors, who have tried steroids, is on the decline within recent times.  However, that said, the percentage of High School seniors who have used steroids is over, approximately, two-percent.